Make Way – The Poker Ladies Are Coming

This summer Britain’s first live all-women poker championship is taking place. It includes an expected prize of GBP 100 000 and talks of a promise of having the status of a celebrity in the poker world. The well-established Stanley Leisure group is backing the tourney, and has received broad treatment in the UK media.
The angle that the Telegraph News took is that increasing numbers of women players are being seen playing at land tournaments, and that a good portion of them first played online to acclimatize themselves to the competitive environment.

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The Telegraph News article suggests that mail traits reflect the talents generally required of a poker player by tradition. It lists these traits as being the ability to lie and hide your emotions, and aggressiveness. It goes on to say that, women are finally breaking into the world of poker and there are actually some who are beating the men at their own game. The newspaper then goes on to describe the poker experience and to examine the success of several young women players. They quote a recent YouGov in our previous post poll which shows that women make up as much as 30 to 40 percent of online players. There is an estimated increase of woman playing poker in casinos of from one to five per cent of players.

Poker Ladies Are Coming
Mark Ross, the director of Britain’s largest casino, Star City in Birmingham, where the women’s championship final is to be held, says rr the women’s championships actually began three or four years ago in America and that the Star City casino felt it was time to start them Britain.


Ross says that many women begin by playing online only to later decide that they want to play with real people. He is reported as saying that he thinks that the women who will enter the championship are those who have never been in a casino before but have played with friends or they may have played online.