Mobile Portal Taken Over By UK Betting Group

Ladbrokes, the British gambling group, intends to take over for an entire day the crowded home page of the Planet 3 mobile portal in its market strategy for this weekend’s Grand National horse race.

Mobile Portal
The colossus of bookmaking is, so it is reported, zealous to expand its cross–platform showing in the special sports betting event, which is the biggest in Britain.

More About That

Booked by the mobile agency inside, this campaign follows fast in the wake of Ladbrokes’ first round of advertisements for mobile display, in our news which occurred the preceding week in Cheltenham Festival’s run–up.
The owner of Planet 3 which was inaugurated in 2005, is Hutchinson Whampoa based in Hong Kong, and its CEO, Bob Fuller, states that it is not a telco, nor a media firm and not hi tech company, it is however a combination of all three.

CEO, Bob Fuller

The CEO further states that the company was formed bodily by converging, the yearned for joining together of the spheres of telecom and entertainment. He claimed that as the UK’s original third generation, namely, a 3G mobile company, Planet 3 obtained more experience and comprehension of clients’ needs, than its bigger competitors. He further claims that according to ITV and Sky, the belief is, that mobile is the media’s future, and that’s the direction, which the BBC is going.

The CEO also stated that the instrument setting the entertainment onto the clients’ laps will not be iPOD, as it won’t be console for portable games, but the mobile phone which time will prove is the answer.