What is Poker variance?

All poker players who play for a few months or many years, during their experience on the tables will surely have had the so-called “bad luck.” To explain this we have to use a fundamental concept: the variance.
Many have heard of it and all the players have suffered the consequences. Variance is a mathematical concept used in the statistics, which seeks to explain some particular differences and deviations from what we in our future post expect from random phenomena related to the world of numbers.
What is Poker variance
You can apply to poker to explain everything in the short or medium term, differs from our level of winning. Many speak of variance only when they have a bad run very long, giving it an exclusively negative connotations, but the same argument is applicable to periods very positive.

What Else you Should Know?

This makes us understand some basic concepts to address our career poker players: first, it is impossible to avoid the variance! As the poker game of numbers and probability, necessarily there will be times when we lose many shots, from hands in which we are clearly the favorites, right up to the coin flip.
The same thing will happen in a positive way, when we have times when we win all the shots, even those in which we start very disadvantaged. However, this should not be misunderstood, as many might think that this is the confirmation that poker is a game of luck. In fact, the variance affects the short or medium term.

For profit and avoid going broke because of the variance enough some details:

  • 1. Bankroll in play: in this way, even if we suffer a down swing of 20 buy-ins are widely covered.
  • 2. Always play the best, always making the right choices from the mathematical point of view.
  • 3. Play much: just so you can pass quickly periods of negative variance. If you are a winning player, the variance in the long run can not change the real value of our successful players.